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          Karelia Magneetti gives the word ’’customer service’’ a whole new meaning. Committed radiologists are present every weekday, so examinations can be accessed quickly – even during the same day. We have modern equipment at our disposal and our professional staff serves each customer individually, while listening and genuinely caring.

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          Book your appointment for imaging services or a specialist online. Our online booking is open around the clock. You can also access our imaging services flexibly without an appointment.

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Feel free to contact us for more information. Our staff is here for you. Our e-mail addresses are in a following format: firstname.lastname@kareliamagneetti.fi

Karelia Magneetti

Kauppakatu 29, 2nd floor
80100 Joensuu

Fax 013 3579 004

Itä-Suomen Magneetti Oy
Business-ID: 3124213-3

Karelia Magneetti is located in Joensuu, in the shopping center Plaza Centrum, at Kauppakatu 29, 2nd floor. In the same property there is a P-house, the fourth level of which has the most direct connection to our reception.

We are also accessible from the Metropolis shopping center and the Iso-Myy shopping center, via a covered access bridge across Kauppakatu. The lobby of our reception is on the right side of the bridge, right after Danske Bank.

Access to the lobby of our reception is limited, so please ring the doorbell.

Book your appointment

You can book an appointment online or by calling our reception 044 7930 099.

You can cancel your appointment by calling our reception during opening hours. Please cancel your appointment latest the day before the scheduled appointment. We reserve the right to charge for late cancellations and uncancelled appointments.

Contact us

You can send a contact request to our reception using this form. We will contact you in the manner you prefer. You can find our full contact information below the form.

    Our staff

    At Karelia Magneetti you will be serviced by the top specialist of their fields. You are warmly welcome.

    Minna Stranden - Yleislääketieteen erikoislääkäri - Karelia Magneetti

    Minna Stranden

    Medical specialist in general practice, MD

    Urho Väätäinen - Ortopedian ja traumatologian erikoislääkäri - Karelia Magneetti

    Urho Väätäinen

    Medical specialist in orthopaedics and traumatology, MD, PhD

    Laura Villemson

    Medical specialist in orthopaedics and traumatology, MD

    Lasse Holopainen

    Medical specialist in orthopaedics and traumatology, MD

    Marko Nyyssönen - Ortopedian ja traumatologian erikoislääkäri - Ortopedi

    Marko Nyyssönen

    Medical specialist in orthopaedics and traumatology, MD

    Antti Ruotsalainen

    Medical specialist in hand surgery, MD

    Jukka Siljander - Physiatrist - Karelia Magneetti

    Jukka Siljander

    Medical specialist in physiatry, MD

    Perttu Puhakka

    Radiologist, MD, specialist in musculoskeletar imaging

    Janne Leppänen

    Radiologist, MD

    Aleksandr Istomin

    Radiologist, MD, specialist in breast imaging

    Petri Sipola

    Radiologist, MD, PhD, docent in clinical radiology, specialist in musculoskeletal imaging

    Anna Sutela

    Radiologist, MD, PhD, docent in clinical radiology, specialist in neuroradiology and breast imaging

    Veli Matti Vartiainen

    Medical specialist in dentistry, specialist in dental radiology

    Antti Sironen

    Radiologist, MD

    Olli Tähtinen

    Radiologist, MD, specialist in neuroradiology

    Petro Julkunen, sairaalafyysikko

    Petro Julkunen

    Medical Physicist, Radiation Protection Expert, MSc (eng), PhD

    Lassi Miettinen

    Radiographer, Radiation Protection Officer

    Tiitus Karjalainen

    Radiographer, magnetic resonance imaging

    Tarja Kolunsarka

    Radiographer, mammography

    Anne-Mari Tiitinen

    Practical nurse

    Anni Rieppo

    Customer care, billing

    Minna Härkin

    Radiographer (Master of Health Care), sonographer

    Rauno Hämäläinen


    Marja Pitkänen

    Radiologian erikoislääkäri, LT, rintaradiologian lisäkoulutus