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Magnetic resonance imaging

With Karelia Magneetti, you get access to MRI examinations quickly and without queuing up to the same day, with referrals from all medical stations.
We provide the 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging at a very competitive price.

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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an excellent examination method for its painlessness, accuracy and safety. Our MRI system has a larger than usual bore (70 cm), which reduces the feeling of cramping. Because MRI does not use ionizing radiation, it does not involve radiation exposure, like X-ray. Magnetic resonance imaging is based on the utilization of radio waves and magnetic fields together with water in humans.

Our MRI examinations include e.g., the most common MRI, such as of the knee, ankle, shoulder, spine, neck, and head, as well as prostate, which specifically requires the modern 3 Tesla imaging technology we use.

We do not conduct MRI examinations on patients with cardiac pacemakers.

Brain and head MRI
With 3T magnetic resonance imaging, it is possible to distinguish even minor changes caused by cerebral circulation disorders, brain tumors and structural changes typical of Alzheimer’s disease, often even in the early stages of the disease.

Magnetic resonance imaging provides additional information when the suspicion is, for example,
  • cerebral circulation disorders
  • suspected Alzheimer’s disease or MS
  • memory problems
  • suspicion or exclusion of cerebral artery embolism
  • suspicion of a brain tumor
  • hearing loss
  • visual disturbances
  • prolonged dizziness
  • prolonged headache or tension headache
  • after-effects of head injuries
  • tinnitus i.e. ringing in the ears or
  • pituitary tumors and dysfunction.

419 €

Shoulder MRI
MRI of the shoulder is the most accurate and safe imaging method to determine the health and function of the shoulder region. MRI shows both soft tissue and bone changes simultaneously, unlike, for example, an ultrasound examination.

MRI of the shoulder is often requested as a result of various pain conditions and injuries of the shoulder. The problems may have arisen suddenly as a result of an injury, or over time as a result of continuous strain. The root causes of limited range of motion of the shoulder can also be determined with the help of MRI.

Common causes of shoulder symptoms include, for example, rotator cuff tears and inflammations, as well as various damage to cartilage surfaces.

Surgery is often preceded by an MRI.

449 €

Cervical spine MRI
The most common reasons for MRI of the cervical spine are various severe or prolonged pain conditions in the neck, head and upper back area, dizziness, misalignments of the neck, bulging discs and degeneration of joint surfaces.

Often, the cause of hand numbness can also be determined with the help of MRI of the cervical spine.

Inflammatory changes and tumors are also reliably visible in the description of the area. Surgery is often preceded by an MRI.

419 €

Lumbar spine MRI
MRI is the most accurate and safe way to examine the health status of the lumbar region. MRI of the lumbar spine can be used to find e.g. narrowing of the lumbar spine, disc bulges and changes in the structures of the vertebrae and nervous system. Sciatica symptoms and lumbar stenosis are typical ailments diagnosed by MRI.

MRI of the lumbar spine is most often applied for e.g. as a result of lower back pain and buttock/leg numbness.

Ankylosing spondylitis can also be seen on an MRI years earlier than on an X-ray

419 €

Abdominal MRI
MRI of the abdominal area is a good and safe way to find out the health and sympton sources of the internal organs in the abdominal area. MRI shows all internal organs in the abdominal area, such as the liver, kidneys and spleen.

MRI is commonly used for the investigation and diagnostics of various symptoms and diseases in the abdominal area. The most common reasons for applying for an MRI examination of the abdominal region are, e.g., suspicion of cancerous tumors of the abdominal organs or other abnormal conditions. Prolonged stomach pains, heartburn, suspected gallstones and various intestinal problems are also the most common reasons for getting an abdominal MRI.

MRI can also reveal, e.g., enlargement of the abdominal aorta.

529 €

Pelvis MRI
Pain in the pelvic area and hip can be caused by various reasons. MRI accurately reveals the structural changes of the hip area. For example, osteoarthritis may not be visible at all on an X-ray in its early stages.

The extensive MRI of the pelvis in Karelia Magneetti always includes both hips, so it is a cost-effective for the customer.

Common reasons for applying for an MRI of the pelvis and hip region are e.g. wrong postures, injuries, creaking of the joints, and inflammatory conditions of the joints. Prolonged pain conditions, as well as pain when walking, are the most common reasons for MRI.

449 €

Prostate MRI
With the help of a 3 T magnetic examination, prostate cancer can be found at a very early stage, which improves the treatment options for the disease.

The most common cancer in Finnish men is prostate cancer. More than 5,000 men fall ill with it every year. Prostate cancer is often considered a disease of older men, but it is also the most common cancer in working-age men. The disease is deceptive in the sense that it rarely shows clear symptoms in the early stages of the disease.

When prostate cancer is suspected, 3 T magnetic resonance imaging is the primary and most reliable imaging method and an easy way for the client to get clarity on the health status of the prostate.

629 €

Knee MRI
MRI of the knee reveals cartilage damage (such as osteoarthritis) much more accurately than X-ray imaging, as well as especially inflammatory changes, ligament and meniscal damage, which are not visible on X-ray imaging.

The menisci and cruciate ligaments, which are easily damaged in knee accidents and torsion injuries, can be seen precisely in MRIs.

MRI is also used for prolonged knee pain, when the X-ray image has not explained the cause of the pain and the diagnosis is to be refined. MRI is almost always done before exploratory knee surgery to clarify the situation.

419 €

Ankle MRI
MRI provides an accurate picture of the health of the joints, ligaments and bones of the ankle and foot in one go. Prolonged inflammatory conditions are also well visible on MRI.

The most common reasons for applying for MRI of the ankle and foot area are the problems caused by accidents and sports injuries and their investigation. Various pain conditions, such as prolonged pain in the Achilles tendon or heel, are also common reasons for applying for MRI.

449 €



If you wish, you may visit a specialist and get a referral for magnetic resonance imaging.

You can also come for MRI without a referral.


You can make an appointment for MRI online, by phone, or by visiting our reception. You can print and fill out basic information and pre-information forms before magnetic resonance imaging.

Print a basic information form.

Print a pre-information form.


You will arrive 20 minutes before the scheduled time. If you do not have a completed pre-information form, you can complete it on arrival. The nurse will go through the form and examination with you before the examination.


You will be imaged, and our radiologist will interpret the images and make a statement about the magnetic resonance imaging


The results of the MRI examination may be provided to the doctor treating you or to yourself. The results are usually completed by the next working day.

The statements based on our examinations are transferred to Omakanta, where you can view and print them if you wish. You can get to Omakanta from here.


If you had a referral for the MRI, you will return to the referring doctor to hear the results of the imaging.


Whole-body MRI

Whole-body magnetic resonance imaging consists of several individual MRI scans that build a holistic image of the entire body. The examination makes it possible to detect changes in the body, such as cancers, inflammation, or other abnormalities, even before symptoms appear.

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From us you can get the cheapest 3T magnetic resonance imaging in Finland.

You can find our prices from our price list.

You do not need a referral for the MRI, and a referral will not affect the price.

The statements based our examinations go to Omakanta, where you can view and print them if you wish. You can get to Omakanta from here.


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