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It is possible to find breast cancer at an early stage and in time with the help of mammography, i.e. X-ray imaging of the breasts.
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Mammography, or radiographic imaging of the breast, is used to examine the mammary glands, primarily in women over 35 years of age. If necessary, the mammography examination can be supplemented with, for example, an ultrasound examination. Ultrasound is the primary examination method used for those under 35 years of age and during pregnancy or lactation. Breasts may need to be examined by imaging if, for example, a new nodule is felt in the chest or armpit, there is abnormal secretion from the nipple, redness or swelling of the breast skin, the nipple or skin begins to recede, or a new pain symptom develops in the chest.



You visit a doctor’s office and receive a referral for mammography or breast ultrasound. You can also book an appointment without a referral, in which case our doctor will assess your situation and, if necessary, prepare a referral.


You can book an appointment to Karelia Magneetti directly online, by phone or by visiting our reception. You can print and fill out the basic information form.


Our radiographer conducts the mammography examination, and our radiologist analyses at the images. You will receive an assessment of possible follow-up actions immediately after the imaging.


If needed, a radiologist will perform an ultrasound examination and take possible needle samples. Once the necessary tests have been done, your doctor will make a statement on the tests.


The results of the examinations can be given directly to the doctor treating you or to yourself. If necessary, our doctor can also make a referral for you to the hospital for further treatment.

The statements based on our examinations go to Omakanta, where you can view and print them if you wish. You can get to Omakanta from here.


If you have a treating doctor, you will return to their office to hear the results of the imaging.

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Starting from 189€

You may enquire prices and appointments also from our reception, tel. 044 7930 099

The statements based on our examinations go to Omakanta, where you can view and print them if you wish. You can get to Omakanta from here.


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