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          Karelia Magneetti gives the word ’’customer service’’ a whole new meaning. Committed radiologists are present every weekday, so examinations can be accessed quickly – even during the same day. We have modern equipment at our disposal and our professional staff serves each customer individually, while listening and genuinely caring.

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In Karelia Magneetti you can get to the reception of experienced and knowledgeable specialists quickly and effortlessly.

Erikoislääkärin vastaanotto - Yleislääkäri - Karelia Magneetti - Joensuu


Our doctors receive patients at Karelia Magneetti. This way you can easily benefit from the experience and expertise of our highly skilled medical specialists.


Specialist in general practice

The appointment of a specialized general practitioner is sought in general matters related to health or illness, for example due to vague symptoms or matters related to occupational health. The general practitioner will perform examinations according to the symptoms and direct them to further examinations if necessary.

TUULA Sissala

Tuula is an experienced general practitioner. She performs small procedures and performs injections. Tuula gives driver's license certificates (does not issue substance abuse driving licenses) and provides statements for authorities and schools. She is happy to treat patients of all ages.

Anne-Mari Louhelainen

Anne-Mari has graduated as a general practioner in 2007 and achieved her medical specialty in forensic medicine in 2013. She has an extensive and versatile experience in different fields of healthcare. Anne-Mari treats patients of all ages, and performs small procedures.


A specialist in orthopedics and traumatology examines bone and connective tissue diseases as well as injuries, and provides special treatments like platelet-rich plasma (prp) and cortisone injections. Most commonly, a patient seeks orthopedic surgery due to pain or injury to the back, knee, ankle, foot, shoulder, or elbow. Upon an orthopedic visit, the patient is often referred for further radiological examinations to determine the causes or assess the injuries.

Urho Väätäinen - Ortopedian ja traumatologian erikoislääkäri - Karelia Magneetti

Urho Väätäinen

Urho's special expertise is special treatments of the joints, for example prp and cortisone injections.

Lasse Holopainen

Lasse specializes in arthroscopy, artificial joint surgery and hand surgery.

Marko Nyyssönen

Marko has a long and solid experience in the treatment of sports injuries and other accidents, as well as endoscopic surgery.


A physiatrist is a specialist ni musculoskeletal diseases and their non-surgical treatment. Generally, a patient seeks for physiatrist’s special expertise in symptoms or pain of the back, neck, upper extremities or joints, not associated with a known trauma. The goal is to determine the causes and plan the treatment.

Jukka Siljander - Fysiatri - Karelia Magneetti

Physiatry specialist
Jukka Siljander

Jukka is a specialist of musculoskeletal diseases. He has special and deep knowledge accompanied by experience in treating sport injuries e.g. among professional athletes.

Specialist in hand surgery

A hand surgery specialist examines and treats illnesses and traumas of the hand, e.g. joint and wrist pain, numbness and fractures. Traumas are most often caused by falling or sports. A hand-surgeon also assesses the requirement of surgical treatment.

Antti Ruotsalainen - Käsikirurgian erikoislääkäri - Karelia Magneetti

Specialist in hand surgery
Antti Ruotsalainen

Antti is specialized in examination and treatment of illnesses and traumas of the elbow, wrist, hand and fingers.

Specialist in hand surgery
Lauri Lindroos

Lauri has worked full time as a specialist of hand surgery since 2007. He is specialized in examination and treatment of illnesses and traumas of the elbow, wrist, hand and fingers treating adults and children. Lauri's specialties within hand surgery are traumas of the wrist, and their treatment using modern equipment and techniques.

Please note that we monitor the use of drugs of abuse in accordance with the guidelines and do not prescribe or renew prescriptions for drugs of abuse without a long-term treatment relationship.



Starting from 95€

You may enquire prices and appointments also from our reception, tel. 044 7930 099

General practice specialist appointment (20 min) Starting from 120€. Possible procedures starting from 123€.

Driver’s license certificate starting from 95€.

Orthopedics and traumatology specialist appointment starting from 120€. Procedures starting from 123€.

Contact our reception for more information 044 7930 099

The statements based on our examinations go to Omakanta, where you can view and print them if you wish. You can get to Omakanta from here.

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